Would you like to discover and live your true, authentic purpose and experience deeper meaning in life?

Have you ‘got it all’ in a worldly sense but still feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied?

Are you yearning for a greater connection with your heart space so you can be led by what you feel and what you love, rather than being restricted by your over-analytical mind?

Are you tired of being blocked by paralysing fears, old stories, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns?

Would you like to have an honest, open, heart-felt and soul-level connection in all your relationships?

Do you want to create and manifest exciting, empowering and magical moments in abundance?


Imagine how your life would be if you could align with your truth, live with deeper meaning, release all fears, transform your negative self-talk, reconnect with the essence of who you really are, follow your heart, and love yourself unconditionally…


If you are seeking a life filled with long lasting deep inner peace, limitless possibilities, boundless freedom and true infinite bliss, you’ve found the right place!

Through my 1-on-1 coaching, e-courses, e-books and more, you’ll learn practical wisdom, garner soul-centered insight and discover how to create sustainable change.

My mentoring will help you to realise that everything you are seeking already lies within you. You will receive practical tools and soulful guidance to get you out of your “thinking” mind and drop into your heart in an instant! As you awaken your heart, you will experience the daily bliss of a soul-stirringly fulfilled life that you are excited to wake up for! ☺


With me by your side every step of the way…

You will be held in a loving space where there is no judgment or expectations and you can freely express your true self, feelings and needs. This is where you can be real, honest and vulnerable. No matter what you are going through, I will be there to guide you and listen.

I have been where you are and I have walked the journey of transformation myself. Everything I teach you in the coaching sessions is a reflection of the practises, principles and activities I live in my own life.

I will introduce you to simple yet powerful techniques that will connect you directly to your Soul; it is this connection that will reveal the specific information for your highest and divine good as well as harmonise every area of your life. I will help you understand deep spiritual truths so you can easily apply them in your everyday life.

I will guide you and support you as you learn how to remove layer after layer of fears, social conditioning and limiting beliefs that are blocking the magnificence that is already sitting within you. As you dive deeper, your true, authentic, shining Self at your core essence will be revealed. I will help you realise that you are already whole and complete so there is nothing to be “fixed”, simply remembered and fully embraced.

I will gently lead you through a range of processes to create more inner balance and bring you into a deeper sense of connection with yourself. You will be liberated to show and tell the world who you are and reveal your true loving nature!

You will discover that ‘purpose’ is not something you ‘do’, rather it is your journey of inner awakening, of remembering what you really are, being your true self, finding your blissful joy in each moment and re-connecting with your truth.

The journey isn’t so much about “becoming” anything, it’s more “un-becoming” everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were always meant to be in the first place – happy, peaceful, blissfully content and free – without depending on anything or needing anyone outside of you!

Through 1:1 personalised Coaching, you will be supported to:

Let go of the struggle and trust the process.
Often change can be uncomfortable or even scary, however I will support you to fully embrace and flow with your heart’s guidance with full and complete trust. I will show you how to acknowledge and accept that everyone and everything is already in perfect divine order and timing. There is no need to try to control anything, rather, ‘surrender’ to all that is. You will learn how to let go of control, resistance, attachment and fear – all of which hold you back. As you clear resistance, you will come back to your truth as you journey into self-love and self-awareness. Everything in your life will then just easily, gracefully, naturally and effortlessly flow – whether it’s career, business, relationships, transcending fear, manifesting abundance, regaining health and vitality, finding meaning and purpose – it will all just fall into place.

Overcome the pain of fear, doubt and worry for good!
Breaking through limiting beliefs allows you to unleash your highest potential, empowers you to live the life you were meant to live, and moves you forward on your spiritual journey. You will totally transform the way you think about yourself, what you believe is true, and what you think is possible. You will transform self-doubt into self-belief, confusion into clarity and fear into unwavering confidence. I will show you how to reframe your mindset and perspective to live without anxiety and stress for good!

Let go of the past and live in the moment.
You will be supported to consciously and lovingly let go of any situation or person that is no longer serving, supporting or nourishing you. Releasing what holds you back frees you to live in the moment, opens the door to new opportunities, and allows you to be surrounded by and filled with love for self and others. In this light-hearted state of being, you will see the miracle and perceived magic like grace in every person, simple little thing and action. Here, you truly appreciate the finer things in life 😉

Consciously co-create your dream life.
You will learn how to set up your day, gain self-awareness and activate your personal power. You will be empowered to live from your innermost spiritual nature with a greater sense of playfulness, presence, love, unity, understanding and acceptance. Here you can, through the space, flexibility and simplicity that you will be guided to create in your life, be a detached observer through the eyes of original innocence and child like wonder.

Heal your relationship with yourself, once and for all.
Move from judgement to self-acceptance, criticism to kindness and not feeling good enough to powerful self-worth. You will learn how to love, nurture and put yourself first. When emotional healing takes place, you release past hurts, move forward with renewed energy, and realise the positive possibilities in your life. Once you finally feel and release these emotional blocks you break through to a profound level of lightness, gratitude and inner peace.

Be light-heartedly present and surrender to the now.
I will help you come back to the present moment and show you practical tools and ways to do this in everyday life. I will inspire you not to take life too seriously and see things as they really are. You will feel lighter, centred, more grounded and totally here and now with all that is. You will finally be ok with ‘not knowing’, and able to go with the flow in the mystery of life. I will empower you to ‘get out of your own way’, open your heart, surrender to the moment and live a soulful, wholehearted, ‘in the flow’, limitless life. There are many ways I can help you to create space in your life and connect you back to Spirit including, meditation, yoga, visualisation, journaling, mindfulness, simplifying your lifestyle and many others. Each session will feel like a mini-retreat of self-love, self-empowerment and re-alignment with your highest self.

Gain heart-driven clarity and follow your intuition.
You will be supported to tune into your heart to gain crystal clear, love-driven clarity about what you truly want in your life and how to move forward towards it with ease from an authentic and inspired space that is free from fear. Each session will be a chance to step-away from the busy-ness of life and get shiny-diamond clear on your intentions, dreams and visions. I will help you to strengthen your relationship with your heart and with the loving presence that resides within you. You will discover how easy it is to hear your inner wisdom and you will feel new levels of support and guidance in your life. You will also discover how to tune in to your heart energy and still your mind to get clarity on what you love, and be lead moment by moment by your intuition.

Live from abundance and step into a state of receiving.
Once you learn how to clear the inner blocks and open yourself up to receive, what you truly need will come to you easily and effortlessly. You will create a life that is not only filled with what you love, but where you feel at peace, deeply satisfied and truly authentic.

You will receive effortless abundance, live a profoundly meaningful life and set yourself and your life completely unboundedly free, at last! Life will simply become soul-inspiringly Magical ☺


The Sessions

As a fully certified Life Coach, I dig into and dissolve the root causes of issues that may have been troubling you for a long time, transform your thinking and the way you perceive your life. You’ll leave our sessions feeling lighter, clearer, more energised and focused.

Each session is powerfully and potently responsive to what your soul is calling for, responding to what you need, what is going on in your life, where you are now and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be.

These sessions are a powerful combination of transformative coaching methods, intuitive guidance, personalised mentoring and practical tools to make radical shifts that will create deep, lasting change from the inside out. 

It is all well and good to sit alone at home with your pile of self-help books, but this very rarely works. You need a coach by your side who knows exactly what works, give you undivided support to keep you on track and can answer all your questions as they arise.

Sessions are only $250 or $500 for 3 and can be done anywhere online via Skype video chat, i.e. in the comfort and privacy of your own familiar surroundings. Sessions are conducted at times that suit you and fit in with your lifestyle. Limited face to face sessions are also available in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia. 

Ask yourself these questions… Do you want to:

+ live a life worth living, a life you KNOW you deserve?
+ live a purposeful and passionate life?
+ feel connected to a life that it is effortless and flows naturally?
+ feel empowered and on the right path?
+ get out of your own way and step WHOLLY and COMPLETELY into your life?
+ show up in the world to shine your light bolding and brightly?

I want you to live your most amazing life yet, so my intention behind working with you is to provide you with anything that is in my power to help you live to your highest potential.

If you are feeling out of balance in any way, I can help bring you back into alignment.

Ready to take the next step? Lets work together…

Do you intuitively feel this is what you need? If so, I’d love to help you. If coaching with me sounds like something you would love to be a part of – then say yes to your heart, say yes to yourself and follow that feeling.

If you want to feel great and manifest infinite love and bliss wherever you are, contact me now for further information.

I look forward to working with you and helping you transform the things that are holding you back from being your true authentic radiant self!

Love and Light,

Holistic Spiritual and Life Coach

Ra Ramsey

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